Manor House “ Pentowo” and attached lands are in possession of the Toczylowski family since 1784. The House was built in 1904 on the foundations of the previous one, which was accidently burned to ashes before 1900 year. Name “ Pentowo” is because in XVI century, when the Polish King Zygmunt August II was in possession of the Castle in Tykocin, they had great hordes of horses. Here in Pentowo they were keeping them, and tying their legs with rope – so they couldn’t run away. This practice is called in polish – pętanie , and the rope itself it’s called Pęto. From here, the name was created Pentowo.

The beauty of the surroundings, the location between two National Parks, horse breeding, classical music concerts on Snagórka, and the greatest concentration of white stork in Poland, every year attracts many tourists and nature lovers. With the time Pentowo also became an ecological farm, and is run by ecology EU standards.

All this grandeur has been immortalized several times on tape film and television like the parts of the movie “Sable and Miss” directed by Hubert Drapella and television programs such as “Coffee and Tea”, culinary program of Mr. Robert Makłowicz ” and “House full of ideas”, and few others.

Every single year when the storks are showing up on the nests, we are also being visited by many journalists and TV reporters looking for news about the area, storks, local events etc.

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